Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Not 'rational'" echoes

The primary legal argument for overturning the vote of the will of the people in California of Proposition 8 is said to have argued that to deem gay marriage illegal is "not rational". The word "rational" comes from the word, act, "reason". They are just like France leading up to and after the French Revolution, divorcing reason from faith. They are using reason alone. Will we someday have the "goddess of reason" erected in our churches, again, like in 1791 when the Cathedral of Notre Dame was confiscated from the Catholic Church for the government whom did just that? They turned the cathedral into the "Temple of Reason" and to get rid of the Sabbath observance they employed a ten day week that originated with the Egyptians. America seems to be going down the same path as France.

More later.

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