Monday, May 29, 2006

Archbishop Naumann takes a teaching opportunity

News stories regarding steps that our Bishops and Priests take as our Pastors are more and more reported in secular media. This, however, gives the Magisterium a teaching opportunity.
The culture's movement towards acceptance of an active homosexual lifestyle, is seen as the way to be "compassionate" toward the gay individual who supposedly can't control his or her carnal desires and should not have to because "they were born that way." As a single hetrosexual woman with desires, too, I take issue with this line of thought. I, too, could expect the Church to be "compassionate" towards me and by it's teaching allow for me to live out my desires. But after coming out of the darkness and into the light of Christ and into His merciful loving arms, my eyes were opened and now I understand the Church's expectations for me are Christ's expectations. This is the true way to happiness on earth and to ultimately receive our reward of resting in Christ's arms in Heaven.

There is a dignity that singles want in today's culture. It comes under the guise of recognition for being allowed to be who they think they are without any consideration for the rest of society. This comes under the guise of "freedom", which actually means freedom from the needs of the world at large or Revelation. Singles that truly love the Lord, "with all their heart, mind and soul (Lk. 10:27)" know that true freedom can only be found in living the gospel and the Paschal Mysteries. The expectations and teachings for a chaste and celibate lifestyle will direct us to a higher dignity of human life. Living up to our human dignity will enable singles to share in the divine life that Christ gives us the ability to do when we partake in the Sacraments. We lose out on the graces offered in the Sacraments when we personally compromise our own dignity through sexual relations outside of a covenantal marriage.

In the Kansas City Star newspaper, you can read of a single gay Catholic man who's Priest was showing what true compassion is by explaining to the gay, that his lifestyle must be celibate.

Archbishop Naumann of the Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas explained the Church's teaching in this area and what "compassion" means for all Christians in regard to the homesexuality issue in our society in the diocesan's weekly paper, The Leaven. His remarks are difinitive, and should be able to be understood by even those living in darkness. By God's grace will they come into the light, and begin to trust that the Holy Spirit is leading the Church, and change their lifestyle, whether the person is hetrosexual or homesexual. As stated by the 48th International Eucharistic Congress, "...God is seeking and waiting for us."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Eucharist Matter is inspired by "Catholic Matters"

"Eucharist Matters" is inspired by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' new book- Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversary and Splendor of the Truth. Have you read it, yet?
Response from reader:
I have not read it, but plan to get it because I think so highly of Fr. Neuhaus. The Eucharist matters in my life more than I can express in a few words. For two thousand years Catholic Christians have been celebrating the Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist. This is the strength of the Church and of the Christian who surrenders his or her will to Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord. The profound love of the Savior to leave us Himself as a gift of love is beyond description. The New Covenant not only promised to exceed the Old, which it superceded, in every way, but it delivered in the grace and love of our Lord, who humbles himself to come to us in this great sacrament. But as in all personal relationships, the benefits are, to some extent, in proportion to our committment to Christ, to the extent of our love, our surrender to His will in our lives. We always get more than we receive but our Lord never forces himself upon us. He wants us to use our free will to choose Him. As for me and my house, we choose the Lord!

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