Thursday, August 05, 2010

Do they not know?

The homosexuals are living in the dark. Don't they know about the Eucharist? That is the Body and Blood of our Lord! Until they are obedient to God's natural and Divine laws, they won't know the light because the darkness can't stand the light (cf. Jn 1:5). The Eucharist is the light of our Christian lives. Everyone needs it and should desire it. We have to tell them about it. They obviously do not know.

Knowing is related to belief, though, and belief comes through the gift of faith. The people of God are obligated to plant seeds in their minds, but ultimately prayer and the subsequent gift of faith that God will offer the active homosexuals is what will bring them out of darkness. If they are obedient to the grace of the gift of faith they will know the light and it will overcome their darkness.

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