Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Pastoral Care is Noticed

When I hear that the Bishops went through a book from "beginning to end" to make sure that it was true to authentic doctrine about our Lord. Doctrine concerning his life and his teachings, which is, of course, the Word-the eternal Word, the final word - the Omega, and all that we need to really knows lies within it, and in us only through him, so, I am especially edified by their pastoral care in this matters. Their unsolicited pastoral care is an outward representation of visual Church with the soul of the Holy Spirit guiding it. You can sense the love the bishops have for their flock in their role as Shepherds. You can sense their love for the faithful by their only wanting us to have the Truth. You can see the the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Church by their example in pronouncing the new book, "Quest for the Living God" by Elizabeth Johnson not theologically sound.

This is what the faithful want from the bishops - strong pronouncements against heresy so that the people of God can know where the truth lies.

Thank you our good and gracious Lord for their witness.

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