Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reflection on His Majesty as our "Beloved"

Jesus Christ has many names that you know of; Messiah, Savior, Lord. Saint Teresa of Avila speaks of Christ in two ways, as her Beloved and as His Majesty. What do we see from this?  Since, Christ is King and rules over all dominions, kingdoms and principalities (Eph. 1:21), and will one day unite them into one kingdom that we can see, how can a King who seems so far above us and distant from us be so close to us that Saint Teresa can call him "her Beloved." How can we each call Christ, His Majesty, as our Beloved, too?

There is one way. That is to enter our diamond castle and meet the Lord there, through prayer.  It is prayer that will unite us to the Lord. Whether, it is through the highest form of prayer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or a simple gaze of desire for union when we venerate the cross, the prayer traditions of the Church guide us on prayers that help our small voices to feel adequate to address Him. It is our voices of prayer that He desires. Not for Himself, but for us. He is a generous God and wants us to have all that is good, and beautiful. He has ordained that we receive these aspects of his Divinity and Majesty through union with Him in prayer.  His love will warm our hearts to his Real Presence and then his Majesty will be our Beloved, too.

Beloved means or whole "being", body and soul are caught up with God's love. It is a presence, and by what is known as a "consolation" from God's favor and grace working in our soul, we feel God's love and the desire for Him as our Beloved.

The consolation or awareness of God's love that He gives us consoles us as we continue our journey through the diamond castle.  The vermin outside the castle are symbols of distractions and temptations that attempt to keep us from prayer, but we will not yield on our journey. We will be consoled that He is with us. Darkness, will not overcome the light of His Majesty.

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